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Contact: Christina and Paul Aarts
Subira House
P.O. Box 341


+254 726 916 686
+46 738 795 931
(we may go to Sweden in June-August)

R 3

Room Rates 2021: Bed&Breakfast

A WIFI system in Subira House gives you free internet - mostly!
Only a few years back there was no mobile network in Lamu
and 30 years ago hardly any houses had a telephone or electricity.


"SUBIRA" is Swahili for patience or waiting and enyoying peace!

ubira house is an Arab style building with two open court yards,
pretty arches and two beautiful gardens with our own well water.
There are seven bed rooms and many galleries where to relax in the soft warm winds.

The house was built about 200 years ago by Said Bin Sud,
important and wealthy "Liwali", the governor of the Sultan of Zanzibar.
His family resided here until 1972.
Today Subira House is listed Grade One of houses
subject to preservation by Lamu Conservation.
The building is both architecturally and historically of great interest.
Subira House is located behind the Old Fort and Lamu Market, a block from the seafront.

In 2001 Lamu Old Town was chosen a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Small courtyard in the two room flat with a kitchen and two bathrooms.

We found SUBIRA HOUSE in 1990 and started restoring it some years later.
Slowly slowly. Pole Pole in Swahili.
On the ground floor the four women's quarters are now
a self contained flat of two bedrooms, two bath rooms, and a kitchen.
There is a pretty open courtyard with stairs leading to the roof -
for watching the stars at night!
Popular place to rent monthly and you cook for yourself.

We soon added a first floor with four bedrooms and more galleries
where to relax in the soft and warm winds.

Gallery outside room 4

We manage Subira House in an environmental friendly way.
In November this year we acquired a Silver Rating by Ecotourism Kenya.

After selling our quite wellknown Dala-Floda Inn, the Swedish ecological hotel
and restaurant,
- one of the first in Sweden with the environmental label -
we now manage our Lamu business with equal ecological concern.
Up to now we have restored the building
with all possible awareness on environmental issues.

Recently two spacious Top Top Roof have been added.
Seaview from the breezy tiled roof terace.

Blue blue climber Petrea and Orange Bougainvillea.


You will be well looked after by our reliable and friendly staff.
Here we are all having a day out at our shamba house (farm house).
Captain Jelani will pick you up at the airport and guide you to the house.
He is a guide and can arrange your boattrips.

eat garden

Dining in small garden - our cook is great!


Breakfast first floor terrace

Our well outside the kitchen

Small garden and the scented garden with real Jasmin, MlanginLangi tree,
Chinese Honeysuckle, Frangipani trees and Lamu Kilua

give wonderful fragrance at night.


We are Christina and Paul Aarts, the owners of Subira House since 1990.

Watch theFilm from Subira House - theme Slow Food,
made in March 2011 by Ramadhan Khamis

More pictures on FACEBOOK
and on Trip Advisor

Details on our environmental work at Subira House

Download our small Guide " Stay in Subira House" (Eng)

We are active members of Discover Lamu our tourism association.

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