Room 5 Top Top terrace


Room 5 Top Top has its own Teraces with a beautiful sea view. View from the bed on our small garden..


Room 6 Top Top also with its two terraces spacious and wonderful views

Subira House has seven bed rooms and many more galleries
for relaxing in the soft warm winds.

You sleep under treated nets and there are electrical fans.
The generator of Lamu is these days quite efficient.

But please help us save electricity!
And for walking in the dark alleys bring a torch!!!

Room 1, 2 ,3 and 4 are all on first floor as the breakfast terrace

r 1

Room 1 Local furniture. Twin Beds and a view on the Market



Garden view room 3

Room 3

Room four

Room 4

courtyard small

Small court yard in the two room flat downstairs.
Here you can look after yourself, shop at the market
cook in your own kitchen and order dinner when you feel like it.

We have our own well water for washing.
Drinking water is from Lamu County Council.
Our sanitary system is environmental friendly.
We use the so called waterless Eco San toilets.


At night you hear donkeys braying and
the rattling of the leaves of the coconut palms. During festive season
music and parfums from the affluent Lamu weddings are felt..

During the years many Swedish painters have come
to spend a month in Subira House as artists in residence.
Famous Karin Mamma Andersson is one of them.
Life here is inspiring and with the internet access in the house
you have great possibilities to focus your creativity into something fantastic.

Watch a small YouTube film from 2008! (before our last restauration of the house)